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IASATI|Shock Absorbers for Extreme Players!


  • Automotive Suspension System:Shock Absorbers (Suspension Kit/ Coilover)

Key Features

The RS3 series|High-ranking sporty type shock absorbers.

Depending on different roads, our R&D personnel has developed various versions and different setting, so that user could choose between individual or synchronous adjustment of compression and rebound damping setting.

To ensure that we provide the best suspension, we tested the general roads, highways, and even on FIA G2 international track. Over the years, IASATI suspension kits have been promoted to become one of the leading producers of the shock absorber.

The RS3 series is the first choice for Top User and Racers.

The advanced technology design suitable from the general road to the racing track. With IASATI customized shock absorbers, you'll get on the road by shock absorbers confer comfort and handling, also greatly enhance the driving behavior. It's based on our long-term research and development experience accumulation, and as a professional manufacturer, individual adjustable of IASATI shock absorbers is driven the worldwide preferred.

RS3 street series of the shock absorber is the escalating product for the racer. The system achieves multi-adjust of the characteristic in low and high speed. The special design of spring is collocated with dampers to simultaneously promote the high- speed travel largely the stability and comfortableness.


Dampers – commonly called shock absorbers – perform this function. A damper has a piston which moves inside a sealed, oil-filled cylinder with the up and down movement of the wheel. Adjustable damp performs soft, stiffness and pressure velocity. The damper will increase rigidity to restrain cars from rolling and to prevent sideways movement.

IASATI RS3 series × Specification

1. Type : Twin-tube.
2. Structure : Aluminum/ Combine Material.
3. Damping adjustable/ Vehicle height adjustable : Yes.
4. 2-Way Rebound & Compression adjustable
5. Rebound side : 24 clicks adjustable.
6. Compression side : 14 clicks adjustable
7. Oil brand : Addinol.
8. Applicable Models : Please refer the   vehicle model list (click) , or contact us by email/ WhatsApp.
9. Other : Configuration with racing strut top mount (customized iron sheet or aluminum alloy material)


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TÜV Rheinland Certified|Chanlinway T&D Co., Ltd.


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  • IASATI|Height and Damper Adjustable Coilover

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Small Order Recommendation

IASATI - Automobile Coilover, Shock Absorbers, Suspension
USD 1,080.00-1,080.00
Automotive Coilover, Shock Absorbers, Suspension Kit
USD 1,280.00-1,280.00
Coilovers suspension strut kits - Height and Damper adjust
USD 1,080.00-1,080.00
Coilovers suspension strut kits - Height and Damper adjust
USD 1,080.00-1,080.00
Coilovers suspension strut kits - Height and Damper adjust
USD 1,280.00-1,280.00